[IPython-dev] Multi-line history entries

Walter Dörwald walter at livinglogic.de
Wed Jul 26 11:43:57 EDT 2006

Ville Vainio wrote:
> Jorgen Cederlof's patch that makes multiline statements work better
> when readline is enabled is now in; I can see the improvement in
> linux, but it doesn't help with windows & pyreadline. In any case,
> pyreadline version isn't broken (i.e. works as it used to), so the
> patch stays in.
> Jorgen, many thanks for the contribution! Perhaps Jorgen (Stenarson
> this time) can see whether it could be made to work w/ pyreadline as
> well...

Now that this is checked in I tried it out. This is what happens:

In [1]: for i in xrange(4):
   ...:     print i
In [2]: for i in xrange(4):^J    print i

Is the display supposed to look like that (i.e. display the lines as one
line with a ^J in it), or is my terminal broken? The same happens with
SecureCRT 5.1.2 and putty 0.58 on Windows and with xterm, so I guess the
terminal isn't the problem.


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