[IPython-dev] qt4 support?

Darren Dale dd55 at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 29 16:25:16 EDT 2006

On Thursday 29 June 2006 16:03, Ville Vainio wrote:
> On 6/29/06, Darren Dale <dd55 at cornell.edu> wrote:
> > I just committed a qt4agg backend for matplotlib. Would some kind ipython
> > dev have a look at the following patch to support the qt4agg backend in
> > ipython's pylab mode? It seems to be working here.
> I just committed it - I can't try it but it's obvious that it's
> non-intrusive enough to not break any existing features. We'll get
> feedback from users later on as soon as it's on the wild. Thanks for
> the patch!
> (incidentally, please send patches as attachments. I had to edit this
> manually because of word wrapping and other nasties).

Sorry about that, I completely forgot. Its even worse with kde's mail client 
due to the use of non-breaking spaces with in-lined code.

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