[IPython-dev] Balancing code execution in ipython1

Hugo Gamboa hgamboa at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 11:24:07 EST 2006


I've started to work with the parallel ipython and feeling that this is a
fantastic and promising tool.

I want to run some of the tasks in parallel, but I'm not comfortable with
the scatter way, that equally divides a set of tasks.
I would like to balance the code execution between computers for two
reasons: I have computers with distinct speed and the code may be completed
earlier in some cases.

I would like to know when a computer have ended a task and assign a new one.

I've considered a solution similar to pylinda tuple spaces but (as far as I
know) the the kernel does not have access to the kernel client other than in
a form of answering. The kernel cannot take the iniciative and change a
cluster common data, that could be a way of solving my needs.

What is the best direction? Should I derive from a resultgatherer to monitor
the end of code execution or there is a better way?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hugo Gamboa
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