[IPython-dev] windows readline vi mode

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Tue Mar 14 14:40:13 EST 2006

Michael Graz skrev:
> Greetings.  Not sure how to proceed here but I have finished extending Gary
> Bishop's UNC python readline package to support vi command line editing.
> Previously it only supported emacs mode.  Now the mode can be selected in
> the standard way via a .inpurc file (ie "set editing-mode vi").
> It contains all the goodies vi users rely on such as jump to next word, find
> character, compound commands with multipliers, dot command, yank buffer,
> history search and so on.  It also contains a redo feature (ctrl-r) like vim
> which reverses an undo.
> Gary has agreed to this extension.  Is there anyone willing to test, give
> feedback on or merge in the changes?  Or else let me know what I can do.  I
> tried sending an earlier email with notes on how to download this new code
> but it seems the mailer blocked the message - perhaps since it contained
> links?

I'm interested to integrate it into pyreadline. Could you send me the 
download info so I can take a look?

I'm also working on a refactoring of the code base and it may be better 
to merge your work there instead of in trunk.


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