[IPython-dev] Can I do thie?

Tfetherston at aol.com Tfetherston at aol.com
Wed Mar 15 21:57:51 EST 2006

I use IPython to start a Python app, then I run a script inside that app to  
embed IPython.  The shell is locked until I run the script, afterwards I  get 
an input prompt in the shell window.
This app lets me have text structured in book format, (right now I'm  playing 
with "Dive into Python"), and also have python scripts that I can run  within 
the App, sending output to the IPython shell.  
Now that is pretty cool, but I'd like to know if it would be possible to do  
the following; "auto-type" into the input of the shell (and then pop the shell 
 topmost) so a return would run that command, and also, to cause a shell run 
of  script (sort of like what is done with edit), but transfering the small 
program  to be run via a mechanism other than writting out to a file, (via a 
file-like  object in the App?).
Looking at this to make exploring and learning Python easier.
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