[IPython-dev] windows readline vi mode

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Thu Mar 16 16:58:28 EST 2006

Michael Graz skrev:
> Okay, thanks for the info.  Here are my current changes:
> http://www.plan10.com/readline/readline-1.12a.zip 

Thanks for the link. It looks like your patch is a bit heavy to include 
in the trunk version. I'm also working on a refactored version where it 
will be easier to add new modes as plugins. I think we should 
concentrate on merging your work there. Perhaps you can have a look and 
see if you understand the code well enough to do the merge yourself.

I'm happy to see you have added tests, something I have not worked on yet.

You will probably see this but I have changed the indenting from 2 to 4 
spaces from UNC readline.

you can get it with svn:
"svn co 

The layout is as below:

	rlmain      #contains Readline class
	clipboard   #clipboard functions
	console     #console interface
	keysyms     #key symbol mappings
	logger      #logging
	release     #release info
		history     #implement history buffer
		lineobj     #implement lineeditor interface (so
                             #movements etc doesn't have to be
                             #duplicated in all modes)
		wordmatcher #functions for finding word boundaries

	modes             #editor modes
		emacs     #emacs mode
		notemacs  #crippled emacs for testing of mode
			  #selection functionality


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