[IPython-dev] Suggestions for implementing parallel algorithms?

Stefan van der Walt stefan at sun.ac.za
Thu Nov 16 08:17:50 EST 2006

On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 12:58:46PM +0200, Ville M. Vainio wrote:
> On 11/16/06, Prabhu Ramachandran <prabhu at aero.iitb.ac.in> wrote:
> > >>>>> "Brian" == Brian Granger <ellisonbg.net at gmail.com> writes:
> >
> >     Brian> But Fernando, do you think that Hg and subversion would
> >     Brian> play well together?  I don't know much about Hg.
> Hg and SVN should play as well together as local directory and SVN, in
> any case. :-)
> > What about bzr?
> At this moment, googling around would indicate that Hg is technically
> better than bzr.

Can you provide a URL?  I found several reviews (based on older
versions) which all claim that the two are basically equal, except
when it comes to speed.  In that regard bzr has been vastly improved
with 1.0.  The comparisons are further muddled by some referring to
bzr as in arch/tla.

As for my previous question about mercurial and cherry-picking, it
seems they have started development on a plugin in August:



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