[IPython-dev] making pydb play nice; ipython release may imply pydb release

Ville M. Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 12:06:24 EDT 2006

On 10/7/06, R. Bernstein <rocky at panix.com> wrote:

> I don't know what easy_install is, but I'll look into when I get a
> chance.


I really enjoy installing stuff via "easy_install mymodule" instead of
all the sourceforge clickety-clicking around.

> Begin perhaps a little bit of a rant:
> pydb still uses autotools because I couldn't figure out how to get
> setup.py to work as flexibly. There was a query I made a while back in
> comp.lang.python asking how one can use setup.py and have it
> *uninstall*.
> This concept, uninstall, have been around for a decade or so in
> autotools and it's not an unreasonable thing to want to do. I just
> assumed any *newer* system would do it. Using one of the Perl's

setuptools installs stuff in cleaner fashion, and remove is basically
the same thing as removing the egg directory (or the egg itself). It's
in general a much more developed system than distutils. Do check it
out at some point when you have time.

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