[IPython-dev] Patches to use pydb instead of pdb for debugging

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Mon Oct 9 05:08:00 EDT 2006

On Saturday, 07. October 2006 12:08, Ville M. Vainio wrote:
> > We should plan a 0.7.3 release soonish.  Ville: would you want this
> > debugging work to be part of that release?  How's your schedule
> Well, it's a great selling point for the new release, IMO. Should look
> great on some kind of "show me do" video, esp. since many don't know
> about pydb. :-)

Another great selling point IMNSHO is the multi-line history handling (e.g. 
when fixing an error in a rather largish interactively entered for-loop).

Ciao, /  /
    /  / ANS

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