[IPython-dev] [Fwd: color modification of ipython]

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Sun Oct 22 15:37:34 EDT 2006


as I said before I do not see your behaviour.

I think it may be related to the handling of default color. I have made 
changes today to improve he situation but I'm not sure if they will help 
If you can test the trunk version from svn I would be happy.

If this doesn't  help. Please activate the debug setting in the
pyreadline.ini file (by changing debug_output("off") to debug_output("on"))
this will result in a log file (pyreadline_debug_output.txt) being created
in the work directory where you start python, in the beginning of the file
there will be a line that logs the initial color attribute. Please 
report this value.
(This value is only reported by the trunk version not the 1.3 release 

You can also try to use the set_input_color function in the ini file to 
the color you want. (I don't think this function was available in the 
1.3 release
version but I'm not sure so you would have to upgrade to trunk).


Alec Jang skrev:
> Hi,
> I am using pyreadline 1.3 and ipython 0.7.2, all packages were newly
> installed, so I suppose it's not a upgrading problem.
> Attachment is a screenshot before I hack the source.
> Thank you for your reply.
> Regards,
> Alec Jang
> 2006-10-22
> J鰎gen Stenarson wrote:
>> Hi Alec,
>> I do not see this problem when running ipython-pyreadline under python
>> 2.5 on windows XP. So my question is what versions of ipython and
>> pyreadline are you using? Perhaps it is only a question of upgrading
>> one or the other.
>> Regards,
>> J鰎gen
>> Fernando Perez skrev:
>>> Hi Alec,
>>> thanks for the report; I'm forwarding this to the dev list, where our
>>> WinXP
>>> developers (in particular the pyreadline gang) can confirm this and
>>> apply the fix.
>>> Note to devs: if these changes are applied, they should be
>>> windows-only, since
>>> the reported problem does NOT happen under *nix.
>>> Regards,
>>> f
>>> -------- Original Message --------
>>> Subject: color modification of ipython
>>> Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 02:33:54 +0800
>>> From: Alec Jang <alec_jang at 126.com>
>>> To: Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
>>> Dear Fernando,
>>> I have used ipython for a long time. It works fine along with python
>>> 2.4. But when upgrading to python 2.5, a strange thing happened. The
>>> text I typed is in blue, which I never experienced. I think it is a
>>> uncomfortable color, because it cannot be well recognized against black
>>> background.
>>> I looked into ipython source, and made a little fix.
>>> 1 In coloransi.py, set Normol = '', which original value is '\033[0m'
>>> 2 In the same file, Normal comes twice, the second one also need
>>> modification
>>> After above modification, everything goes well.
>>> I am using Windows Xp, and color theme is Linux.
>>> I suppose it is not a bug, but only a little platform-related thing.
>>> Thank you.
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