[IPython-dev] pydb 1.19 released, thoughts about integration

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Thu Oct 26 23:38:29 EDT 2006

As requested and promised, a new version of pydb (1.19) has been
released, and this release has the patches to make it more ipython
friendly. (It also has other accumulated improvements requested too.)

I'd like to possibly reiterate some thoughts about ipython/pydb
integration and possibly go further.

To date, what I've noticed is that things are a bit more complicated
in ipython because it took the necessary stance that the debugger
interfaces/API couldn't be changed. I think things could be simplified
by working across these two programs.

But, at least on the pydb side, the resources to work on this are
limited. So limiting initial exposure is perhaps a good
thing. Therefore to get the *full* benefit of what's there, you need
Python 2.5 and pydb 1.19 (and of course a future ipython
release). Older versions of python could be accomodated depending on
how much crud one wanted to add to ipython.

But what are plans in the chainsaw branch? I see what looks to me
really ugly code in "run -d". Is that code going to be in the chainsaw
branch as well?. Is the chainsaw branch going to support older
versions of Python which require duplicating code from say pdb?

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