[IPython-dev] Extensions/pydb_ipy.py added

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sat Oct 28 07:18:54 EDT 2006

Ville M. Vainio writes:
 > On 10/28/06, R. Bernstein <rocky at panix.com> wrote:
 > > Ville M. Vainio writes:
 > >  > I've now added pydb_ipy.py in Extensions, importing of which creates a
 > >  > new %pydb magic:
 > >
 > > Again - thanks! But, er, isn't the name ipy_pydb.py? (That's what I
 > > see at revision 1849).
 > It is, I renamed it (to follow the established convention for Extensions)

Ok. Thanks for the clarification.

 > > And given that the same thing is to be done for post_mortem, It might
 > > be neater to write a generic history-wrapping routine sort of as was
 > > done to wrap pydb routines and but add their docstrings.
 > Yeah, makes sense & will do.

Many thanks! 

But one other thing regarding call_pydb(). And I'm not really sure how
to fix. So if anyone has suggestions...

pydb.runv() should be using the ipython Pdb class which has pdef, pdoc
commands added and not the pydb one.

 > > By the way, pydb.runl(*argl) is in fact the same thing as
 > > pydb.runv(argl) and I think the latter just more straightforward.
 > Ok; though does the existence of *list syntax not make pydb.runv()
 > slightly redundant?

Well, in the os module there is: 
  execl(	    path, arg0, arg1, ...)
  execle(	    path, arg0, arg1, ..., env)
  execlp(	    file, arg0, arg1, ...)
  execlpe(    file, arg0, arg1, ..., env)
  execv(	    path, args)
  execve(	    path, args, env)
  execvp(	    file, args)
  execvpe(    file, args, env)

  spawnl(	      mode, path, ...)
  spawnle(      mode, path, ..., env)
  spawnlp(      mode, file, ...)
  spawnlpe(     mode, file, ..., env)
  spawnv(	      mode, path, args)
  spawnve(      mode, path, args, env)
  spawnvp(      mode, file, args)
  spawnvpe(     mode, file, args, env)

The "run" suffixes were drawn from this (which in turn are drawn from
the C library system calls.)

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