[IPython-dev] object inspection behavior

Darren Dale dd55 at cornell.edu
Sat Oct 28 14:34:30 EDT 2006

I was wondering if it is desireable (and possible) for object inspection to 
hide attributes and methods that begin with a leading underscore. 

For example, I have some code that reads a datafile with named columns and 
returns an object with each data column as one of the objects attributes. 
When I want to inspect the object to see what was recorded in the file, I 
don't really need to see the __whatever__ methods that get inherited 
from "object". I would also prefer not to list any methods or attributes that 
the developer has masked with an underscore to make clear they are not 

Is it possible to modify ipython such that tab would not list these 
methods/attributes, but perhaps something like ctrl+tab would?


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