[IPython-dev] ipython/pydb integration - readline

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Sun Oct 29 16:33:41 EST 2006

R. Bernstein skrev:

>  > 
>  > If this would require new functionality in the readline module 
> As Ville has confirmed, the problem is not in the readline module(s)
> but in ipython's completion interface. If this has been addressed at
> the interface or API level in the chain-saw branch, I'd be interested
> to learn of that fact.
The reason for my comment on perhaps needing some new functionality in 
readline was the comment below present in completer.py. I have no idea 
if that comment is still valid though. I would be happy to work on this 
(if it is desirable) if someone can explain what is needed.

     def file_matches(self, text):
         """Match filneames, expanding ~USER type strings.

         Most of the seemingly convoluted logic in this completer is an
         attempt to handle filenames with spaces in them.  And yet it's not
         quite perfect, because Python's readline doesn't expose all of the
         GNU readline details needed for this to be done correctly.

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