[IPython-dev] The new Moin-based site is up!

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Sep 27 21:23:50 EDT 2006

Hi all,

If you go over to


you'll see that the new Moin site is now up, and thanks to Brian's efforts, 
the old content is now moved over.  The old url has a simple redirect page, 
and I'll soon ask the Enthought admins to give us an automatic apache redirect 
for that page so it's faster.

Not only does this new site look less 1996-style than the old one, but now 
anyone can contribute content, in good wiki style.  Please make a user name 
for yourself and start putting in your favorite info about ipython.

Let me explain a little bit how I see the two wikis we now have:

- Trac site (which has its own wiki, and where some user-related info had been 
put): this should become purely a site for development-specific work, mostly 
tracking bugs, milestone management, etc.  I expect that we'll use precious 
little of the Wiki part of Trac, to avoid duplication of content or questions 
about 'where should this page go?'.  Trac has a wiki, but it's a fairly 
bare-bones one, so I think in the long run we can mostly ignore it, while 
using the other nice things Trac offers (bugs, SVN, timeline, milestones, etc).

- Moin site: for just about everything else that a wiki is good for.  The Moin 
engine looks nicer and is more flexible than Trac's wiki, so I expect we'll 
use this as 'the ipython site'.

As for the material we had in the old Trac site, let's try to gradually move 
it over as time allows.  Fortunately it wasn't that much, so it should be 
relatively easy.  The simplest way to move a page is to view it as plain text 
(link at the bottom) and wholesale copy it over; fortunately the markup 
conventions are such that in most cases this works.

By all means contribute, it's a wiki! (in particular, the cookbook is an area 
I hope will develop over time).



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