[IPython-dev] Testers requested - 0.7.4.rc1, with async cross-thread exceptions

Aldarion erendisaldarion at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 13:34:03 EDT 2007

o, i got below from [Enthought-dev] maillist

a release candidate for IPython 0.7.4, as well as PyReadline (needed
by windows users).  There is one new feature in this release which is
of particular interest here: the ability to hit Ctrl-C
to interrupt a long-running script or computation, even when using any
of the multithreaded shells. This should work whether you started
ipython with -Xthread support or with -pylab 

It seems I misunderstand the "-Xthread" in it, it should represent one
of -gthread or -qthread or ....
thanks for you info and sorry for my bad English.

Fernando Perez wrote:
> On 4/5/07, Aldarion <erendisaldarion at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I install ipython0.74rc1 (On windows server 2003 with sp2),
>> it works with pyreadline1.3 ,but can't find pyreadline1.4-svn
>> and if i run "c:\Python25\python.exe c:\Python25\scripts\ipython
>> -Xthread"
>> it return a warn(maybe a error, i think):
>> Error in Arguments: "Illegal option '-Xthread'"
> -Xthread is not a valid option, the valid ones are (copying from the
> help page):
> -gthread, -qthread, -q4thread, -wthread, -pylab
> Only ONE of these can be given, and it can only be given as the
> first option passed to IPython (it will have no effect in any
> other position). They provide threading support for the GTK, QT
> and WXWidgets toolkits, and for the matplotlib library.
> With any of the first four options, IPython starts running a
> separate thread for the graphical toolkit's operation, so that
> you can open and control graphical elements from within an
> IPython command line, without blocking. All four provide
> essentially the same functionality, respectively for GTK, QT3,
> QT4 and WXWidgets (via their Python interfaces).
> Note that with -wthread, you can additionally use the -wxversion
> option to request a specific version of wx to be used. This
> requires that you have the 'wxversion' Python module installed,
> which is part of recent wxPython distributions.
> If -pylab is given, IPython loads special support for the mat-
> plotlib library (http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net), allowing
> interactive usage of any of its backends as defined in the
> user's .matplotlibrc file. It automatically activates GTK, QT
> or WX threading for IPyhton if the choice of matplotlib backend
> requires it. It also modifies the %run command to correctly
> execute (without blocking) any matplotlib-based script which
> calls show() at the end.
> I'm not sure about the pyreadline problem, I hope more experienced
> win32 users can help here. Jorgen is out of town for a few days
> though, so we won't hear from him quite yet.
> Thanks for the feedback,
> f

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