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Dan Milstein danmil at comcast.net
Thu Apr 5 18:48:07 EDT 2007


In terms of 0.7.4 v 0.8 -- would it make sense to fold in my reorg of  
the prefilter stuff in that case?  I mean, on the one hand, no,  
because we're close and all, and who wants to introduce a chunk of  
new code now. OTOH, as it's becoming, as you say, a non-trivial  
update (in particular, there are a bunch of changes to prefilter  
stuff which I need to track), so why not put in cleaned up code + all  
the tests.

What do you think?


On Apr 5, 2007, at 5:56 PM, Fernando Perez wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been heavily using the thread support with async exceptions, and
> everything looks good so far.  Furthermore, the combined
> -Xthread -tk  (or -pylab -tk)
> is also working wonders under Ubuntu, so that you can keep Wx/GTK/Qt
> windows alive coexisting with Tk ones.  This is critical for me, since
> it lets me use Mayavi1 (a Tk app) along with the better Matplotlib
> backends (like Wx) and the Enthought tools (all Wx based).  All
> simultaneously.
> So far this hasn't crashed, locked up or otherwise misbehaved, so I'm
> cautiously optimistic.
> I would then like to draft up a quick plan for release:
> 1. If anyone has any pending issues they feel *need* to be addressed
> *now*, speak up.  File a ticket, target it to the 0.7.4 milestone, and
> we'll do our best.  I cleared all existing tickets and everything I
> had in my inbox.
> 2. If we get good feedback of this feature, I'd like to release next
> Monday or Tuesday.  I have a trip at the end of the week, so Tuesday
> is my cutoff date.
> 3. If the async exception feature holds the beating, I'd like to
> release as 0.8.0.  For a certain class of users, this is actually a
> big deal and a significant change in behavior.  It's also worth noting
> that our changes since 0.7.3 haven't exactly been small:
> planck[ipython]> svn diff -r"{2006-12-20}" | wc -l
> 22955
> and we have lots of other new features, goodies and bugfixes.  I don't
> think anyone can accuse ipython of version number inflation, with 5+
> years to reach 0.7.x :)
> Let me know of any feedback you may have on these points, otherwise
> I'll proceed for a Tuesday release of 0.8.0 without any major changes
> from the current RC (I have a few tiny local changes).
> And please, if you can, beat on that Ctrl-C+threads feature and let me
> know how it goes.
> Also, if anyone knows how to identify the main thread ID with cleaner
> code than this ugly hack:
> def _set_main_thread_id():
>     """Ugly hack to find the main thread's ID.
>     """
>     global MAIN_THREAD_ID
>     for tid, tobj in threading._active.items():
>         # There must be a better way to do this than looking at the  
> str() for
>         # each thread object...
>         if 'MainThread' in str(tobj):
>             #print 'main tid:',tid  # dbg
>             MAIN_THREAD_ID = tid
>             break
> let me know.  There has to be one...
> Thanks!
> f
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