[IPython-dev] Embedding ipython (and in pydb, of course)

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sat Apr 21 07:20:26 EDT 2007

I recently made a change to allow calling ipython inside
pydb. (Calling pydb from ipython was previously added.)

It was pretty easy to do since there is the IPShellEmbed class. One
small problem I noticed had to do with not setting argv on the call
while the program I was debugging had imported sys. 

The error message I was getting from ipmaker.py around line 2156 was:

  Error in Arguments: TypeError('expected a character buffer object',)
  The program exited via sys.exit(). Exit status: 1

I solved this by setting argv to the options I wanted in the call to
IPShellEmbed. Haven't tracked this down further, but I thought I'd mention.

Finally if anyone does try the pydb code in CVS, node that a pydb
calling ipython which then call %pydb doesn't work due to sys.settrace


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