[IPython-dev] Nice segfault from package scanning...

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 02:30:12 EDT 2007

In [4]: import matp

[Standby while scanning modules, this can take a while]

CXX is installed.
The support files you need are in the PYTHON/etc/CXX directory.
The include files are in the distutils include path already.
Just refer to them as "CXX/CXX_Objects.h", etc.

Segmentation fault

Ville, I noticed you recently added some code that does package
scanning after Olivier's patch.

I see in


that this patch doesn't use walk_packages, yet I'm getting that nasty segfault.

Any ideas?  Unless we can really guarantee that this feature can be
made robust, let's make it optional and off by default.  I'm not
really keen on adding to IPython the tab key as an auto-segfault



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