[IPython-dev] Syntax and Indentation Errors during build of ipython1 (saw)

Arne Grimstrup arne at ras.ucalgary.ca
Thu Aug 23 18:21:56 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

I checked out ipython1 yesterday and was attempting to build it for the first 
time today.  Near the end of the build, the following errors appeared:

Processing ipython1-0.9alpha2-py2.5.egg
Extracting ipython1-0.9alpha2-py2.5.egg to 
line 6
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Sorry: IndentationError: ('expected an indented block', 
rinterface.py', 46, 7, '    def ipsystem(self,arg_s):\n'))

The build is on RHEL 4 using a separately built Python 2.5.1 and Setuptools

I understand that the core1 modules are under heavy development right now,
but I'm hoping to include ipython1 in the tool suite for our application.
In the meantime, should I revert to chainsaw?



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