[IPython-dev] Syntax and Indentation Errors during build of ipython1 (saw)

Arne Grimstrup arne at ras.ucalgary.ca
Fri Aug 24 12:24:09 EDT 2007

Hi Fernando,

Fernando Perez wrote:
[Reverting to chainsaw]
> Not, just update SVN and try again please.  Indeed the core1 stuff is
> completely off-limits for users, but I hadn't realized I'd left a
> stray non-compiling file in there.  Sorry about that.
> You should be OK with saw, since I won't move any of the new work into
> core/ until I'm 100% sure that it passes all tests and provides all
> the old functionality.
> So stick with saw, and yell at me when it breaks.  I'll listen :)
> Cheers,
> f

I tried again this morning and here is what I got:

Extracting ipython1-0.9alpha2-py2.5.egg to 
Sorry: IndentationError: ('expected an indented block', 
46, 7, '    def ipsystem(self,arg_s):\n'))

Adding either 'pass' or an empty docstring to all of the
functions removed the error.

Hope this helps,


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