[IPython-dev] Undocumented Dependency on SQLAlchemy?

Arne Grimstrup arne at ras.ucalgary.ca
Fri Aug 24 18:15:23 EDT 2007

Hi Brian and Fernando,

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Hi Arne,
[Error report deleted]
> The two areas that are 'hard hat only' are core1/frontend and
> notebook, and you've hit problems on both :)  You can safely ignore
> all errors on them, but we should find a solution to make the notebook
> tests optional, so they just get skipped or pass silently if
> SQLALCHEMY is not installed.

I find the bugs so others don't have to. :-)  Brian mentioned earlier
that pexpect is also used in these areas, but I have that installed so
the error didn't manifest itself.

> So for now just ignore them, and we'll hide the dependency soon.  When
> that stuff gets ready for release we'll revisit the issue, but since
> right now you can't really even use the code yet, there's no point in
> spending any time on getting SQLAlchemy at all.
> Thanks for your patience and detailed reports though, we greatly
> appreciate them.
> Cheers,
> f

Just another (minor) contribution on my part.  Thanks very much for
the quick responses!



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