[IPython-dev] wxIPython

Laurent Dufrechou laurent.dufrechou at free.fr
Sun Dec 2 18:57:08 EST 2007

I have just updated the code to support multiline history recall. (pushing
up + enter will rerun a multiline call.
With that I'm quite happy.
I've found that it doesn't support ctrl+c, so I need to check this...I f
anybody want to add it :)

>Hi Laurent,
>Congratulations for that.
>We have currently started an effort to get a wxPython front end for
>Ipython1, the next version of Ipython. It lives in the Ipython1 svn:
>The idea is to have a readline replacement, ipreadline, that can act as
>readline, but have several front ends. We have currently started the
>wxPython front-end, but to make all this general-enough, it would be a
>good idea to start other front ends.
>As none of us are good wxPython coder (unlike you, as it seems), and as
>we don't have much time, it is moving along very slowly. But we sure
>could use some help.

I've worked 6 month ago with ipython1, an excellent piece of code :) (for
code execution on multiple machine)
I'm happy to learn that you are trying to do a gui for it.
Will take a look at your svn when possible :)

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