[IPython-dev] Need help from Ipython guru...

Laurent Dufrechou Laurent.Dufrechou at free.fr
Thu Dec 6 08:13:22 EST 2007

Not yet,
I'm playing with the shell currently, to see how it react and how it
interact with Ipytohn instance.
I'll try it after. I prefer to stabilize a little the whole thing and get
some sort of working thing before blowing it with the traeds :)
Thanks to ferando, i've solved the history bug.
unicode character seem to be solved too (when i wrote 'é' i got a problem
with ipython)

Here is my current bug list :
### known bug:
# - currently WxConsoleView is a wx.Panel, can we change it to wx.TextCtrl?
# - autoindent doesn't work 
# - I must find a way to handle crtl+c with a os.fork() in case the ipython
do an infinite loop
#   while (1):
#     a=1
# - 'pass' key when call make the interpreter to stop current multiline
#   class a:
#     def b():
#       pass
#     def c():
#   --> syntax error '):'
# - some color glitch if userr click in a prompt color zone and start to
write text.
# - 'ls' command don't work, all the result is sent on external console...
# - '?' can lock up the system if the default pager is used:
#   import smtplib
#   smtplib.re?
#   Need to find a way to call my own pager.

Perhaps ville you know how os.environ declaration are used by IPython?

I don't understand this line:
os.environ['TERM'] = 'dumb'

Fernando says me to  do a os.environ['PAGER'] but i don't understand how
that interact wiht ipython shell
What do i need to write to make Ipython instance call mypager let say :
I've tied os.environ['PAGER'] = 'self.pager'
but it seems to try to make some sort of os.popen('self.pager') :(
Too bad because under windows i prefer not to use command line shell.(it is
really bad :) )
Perhaps if I do the ugly thing IPython.genutils.dumb_pager = self.pager :) ?
hum... prefer to avoid it... but...

Any idea welcome :)
Once this bug resolved I'll send you my curent version.


Ville M. Vainio wrote:
> On Dec 5, 2007 3:51 PM, Laurent Dufrechou <Laurent.Dufrechou at free.fr>
> wrote:
>> Currently the design of the widget is limited by the fact that the
>> ipython
>> shell is not in a different process or thread, so if it locks, it locks
>> all
>> the app…
> So, have you tried launching IPython in its own thread (separate from
> apps UI thread) yet?
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