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Laurent Dufrechou laurent.dufrechou at free.fr
Thu Dec 6 18:05:31 EST 2007

Hi guys,

Here is my last version.
I've removed the bug with '?' and probably also autocompletion.
Feel free to report any other bugs.
It doesn't support all the functions of true ipython shell but it's I think
it's a good start.
I need now to do some cleaning, comments etc...

Current boring unsolved issue:
'Ls' command result is  written in console not into the widget ?_?
If you really need ls just do... __IP.system("dir")
Or whatever your os need :)
How and crlc+c isn't supported... so don't write an infinite loop !

Any comment, other bug report welcome.


### known bug:
# - currently WxConsoleView is a wx.Panel, can we change it to wx.TextCtrl?
# - autoindent doesn't work 
# - I must find a way to handle crtl+c with a os.fork() in case the ipython
do an infinite loop
#   while (1):
#     a=1
# - 'pass' key when call make the interpreter to stop current multiline
#   class a:
#     def b():
#       pass
#     def c():
#   --> syntax error '):'
# - some color glitch if userr click in a prompt color zone and start to
write text.
# - 'ls' command don't work (and probably all external commands)

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Hi Laurent

I see TAB completion still freezes everything up.  Maybe you can take
a look at that next?


On Mon, Dec 03, 2007 at 12:57:08AM +0100, Laurent Dufrechou wrote:
> I have just updated the code to support multiline history recall. (pushing
> up + enter will rerun a multiline call.
> With that I'm quite happy.
> I've found that it doesn't support ctrl+c, so I need to check this...I f
> anybody want to add it :)
> >Hi Laurent,
> >
> >Congratulations for that.
> >
> >
> >We have currently started an effort to get a wxPython front end for
> >Ipython1, the next version of Ipython. It lives in the Ipython1 svn:
> ronte
> >nd
> >The idea is to have a readline replacement, ipreadline, that can act as
> >readline, but have several front ends. We have currently started the
> >wxPython front-end, but to make all this general-enough, it would be a
> >good idea to start other front ends.
> >
> >As none of us are good wxPython coder (unlike you, as it seems), and as
> >we don't have much time, it is moving along very slowly. But we sure
> >could use some help.
> I've worked 6 month ago with ipython1, an excellent piece of code :) (for
> code execution on multiple machine)
> I'm happy to learn that you are trying to do a gui for it.
> Will take a look at your svn when possible :)
> Bye,
> Laurent

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