[IPython-dev] new wxIPython version 0.4.(polished,polished!)

Laurent Dufrechou laurent.dufrechou at free.fr
Fri Dec 7 20:46:47 EST 2007


Here is the 0.4 version. I think this will be my last release until some
I've done a lot of polish:
- Multiline history cleaning
- Color corruption if click on any area solved
- Added a helper widget that track the history, very usefull (well for me :)
) It evolves every time you execute a line in ipython shell.
You can edit/copy/paste/delete into it so you can use it as a buffer to
design on the fly a script.
At the end, just copy the buffer in your favorite text editor and that's

The only bugs remaining will be solved later, I need help from IPython devs
on these I think.
### known bug:
# - autoindent doesn't work
# - I must find a way to handle crtl+c in case the ipython do an infinite
#   while (1):
#     a=1
#   --> use IPython in a separate thread, but then how can I send it a
Keyborard Interrupt?
# - 'pass' key when call make the interpreter to stop current multiline
#   class a:
#     def b():
#       pass
#     def c():
#   --> syntax error '):'
# - '!' commands outputs result on a specific stream that I can't manage to

I think I'll also take a look at gael work now, as I'm quite happy with the
current state of the app.
And ho yes, I need to understand what is pyreadline used for, because I
think some of its functions could have been used in my project... (there
some magic lines like self.IP.readline_startup_hook that are in the project
but don't know how does it works...)

Is there a list of all IPython possible hooks and their usage?

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