[IPython-dev] wxIPython0.7 - Linux is a known OS :)

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Mon Dec 17 13:58:20 EST 2007

Laurent Dufrechou skrev:
> ###### for ipython devs and pyreadline too ######
> Will try to put it inside SVN, Fernando,Ville where should I add it?
> Joergen,Gael, I would like to make the App Pyreadline aware :)
> Where should I start? I've got class WxConsoleView(wx.Panel): that handle
> all the text processing, should I try to convert it like ironpython console
> class in pyreadline?
> Is it what I should do to be pyreadline compatible?If any of you want to
> help no problem :)


I think looking at the ironpython console class is a good start you 
should probably also create at least a dummy class for clipboard 
functionality since that is ctypes/win32 based as well. I also think we 
will have to figure out a new way to choose backend.

The way ipython in a regular console window gets benefit from pyreadline 
is by calling rawinput which uses pyreadline, in order to get colored 
output there is also a special write routine that interprets ansi color 

Exactly how you should do this in wx I don't know. I'm no gui expert. 
However I have just comitted a first try of a callback interface which 
may be what you need (currenlty only available in emacs mode). You can 
get to it in the callback branch at: 

There is an example in pyreadline/examples/callback_examples.py

Good luck and feel free to ask questions. I will be offline from 
thursday dec 20th until jan 2.


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