[IPython-dev] problems I've having with the ls and dir commands on Windows XP

Winship Varner wvarner at purdue.edu
Tue Jan 23 23:04:30 EST 2007


I just recently joined this mailing list because I'm having the 
following problems with IPython. Here's what I get when I type in the 

    In [1]: ls
    IPython system call: dir /on /on

This is *all* its says. It does not display the contents of the 
directory. When I type:

    In [2]: dir
    Out[2]: <built-in function dir>

Again, this is all I get. And then finally, when I type in the following:

    In [3]: !!ls *txt
    IPython system call: ls *txt

The program seems to freeze (I cannot get it to quit using Ctl-C or 
Ctl-Z), and I have to close the window. I'm using the newest versions of 
the program and its prerequisites. Any help or workarounds would be 
greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-- Winship Varner

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