[IPython-dev] Significant improvements to ipython1 saw

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 12:53:23 EDT 2007


I have just committed a set of improvements to the saw branch.  These  include:

* The IPython engine now handles multi-line input properly.  This is
done by using the compiler module to compile entire blocks of code at
once.  This is a huge change from our older approach which relied on
the line-by-line approach that is in code.py.  This affects how both
execute and run work.

* Improved remote tracebacks.  When there are exceptions on an engine
due a problem with user code, the user now gets very nice tracebacks
that details exactly what was going on on the engine.  This makes
debugging much more pleasant.

* The task submission algorithm has been improved to make sure that
any errors are handled and that the task submission process is stopped
if there is a problem.  The new tracebacks also appear in this

* We are now using a prototype of the new ipython core in saw.  The
ipython core represents the next generation of IPython.  Basically it
is a fully redesigned IPython that is represents ipython's
capabilities as a single top-level class, called the Interpreter.  The
important thing is that this class makes no assumptions about the GUI
that will be used, so for instance, it is not welded to readline.
Currently the core being used is functional, but does not yet have any
of the ipython features like tab-completion, magics, etc., etc.  These
will gradually begin to appear over the next few months.

Please do an svn up and try out the new changes.  Let us know if you
run into problems.



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