[IPython-dev] Recent iplib line_split changes

Dan Milstein danmil at comcast.net
Fri Mar 2 08:56:13 EST 2007

I may have a chance to take a crack at this between in the next few  
days.  I think I understand the prefilter code pretty well at this  
point (or, at least, as well as can be hoped ;-).

Alex: you may already know this (I'm coming late to this discussion),  
but in case not -- if you turn off autocall  (%autocall 0), then it  
doesn't do the bad attribute lookup.  Continuing your example:

In [9]: %autocall 0
Automatic calling is: OFF

In [10]: f.bar()
getattr:  bar
Out[10]: 'nada'

In [11]: f.this('is bad')
getattr:  this
Out[11]: 'nada'

It *should* do the right thing, even with autocalling on (since the  
parens after bar make it clear that autocalling isn't going to get  
triggered), but I just wanted to pass that on as a temp workaround.


On Mar 2, 2007, at 1:54 AM, Fernando Perez wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> On 3/1/07, Dan Milstein <danmil at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Yo,
>> I just pulled down the newest code from svn (written today/
>> yesterday), and my new tests for prefilter promptly blew up.  I'll
>> take that as good news (in the, "look, something changed in the
>> behavior and the tests complained" department).
> I just added your test suite into ipython/test/, thanks again!  And I
> deactivated yesterday's changes so that at least we don't have this
> broken code out there.  Alex, sorry but that means /your/ problem is
> back.
> I'm too tired right now to look at this in detail, and for the next
> 3-4 days I won't have a spare moment for this, unfortunately.  But
> next week I'll revisit the problem and try to fix Alex's issue without
> introducing any other breakage.  With Dan's test suite, there's
> actually hope of that happening :)
> Regards, and sorry for the mess :)
> f

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