[IPython-dev] Refactoring prefilter and ipython1

Dan Milstein danmil at comcast.net
Wed Mar 7 10:39:02 EST 2007

>> To address Dan's questions about prefilter more specifically: my
>> biggest worry is not to stall a potential contributor.  It's a bit
> I don't really see much need to reorganize the prefilter system. It's
> terminal-independent, only deals with strings etc.

The rewrite I've got planned is fairly modest (I think).  The main  
goal is just to make it much clearer what triggers a particular  
handler.  It should be no problem to keep it in a private copy for a  
few weeks, and then figure out how to merge it back over.  As Ville  
says, it actually has a fairly simple interface to much of the rest  
of the system -- it just takes a string and returns a string.  So I'm  

As I find time, I'll work on that, and if it gets to a finished  
point, I'll post changes so people can take a look, with the  
understanding that it likely won't be seriously considered until  
after 0.7.4.


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