[IPython-dev] igrid

Walter Dörwald walter at livinglogic.de
Sat Mar 10 11:49:09 EST 2007

Fernando Perez wrote:

> On 3/2/07, Walter Dörwald <walter at livinglogic.de> wrote:
>> I've checked in igrid, the wxPython-based ipipe browser done by Nik
>> Tautenhahn.
>> We've tested igrid on Linux with wx 2.6 and wx 2.8 and on Windows with
>> wx 2.7 and 2.8. igrid will be used as the default browser if wx is
>> installed on the system, so testing it should be rather simple:
>> In [1]: from ipipe import *
>> In [2]: ils
>> This should give a directory listing in a wx window.
> A couple of comments:
> 1. You might want to make the WX part optional somehow.  It will be
> really surprising when someone over a slow SSH link types ils and now
> instead of a light, fast curses browser, a big WX app tries to squeeze
> through the SSH link.

Done. Now ibrowse (the curses based browser) is preferred over igrid 
(the wx browser). I.e. you'll only get the wx browser if you don't have 
a working curses. And if you don't have wx installed either you'll get 
idump (which simply prints the output).

Changing this default is simple:
In [1]: import ipipe, igrid
In [2]: ipipe.defaultdisplay = igrid.igrid

> 2. I tried using it with
> ipython -wthread
> but got all kinds of error messages.  It would be great if it could
> work there, since then people could pop igrid browsers while retaining
> normal control of their shell, much like matplotlib (with the WX
> backend) or the Enthought tools work.

I don't see any problems here with -wthread (except that the next input 
prompt doesn't start on the next line). This is with wx 2.8/Python 2.4.3 
on Windows.

Can you post what error messages you got?

We'll try -wthread on Nik's Linux box to see what happens there.

> Do you think you can try to iron these wrinkles out for the (planned,
> dates may slip) April 1 release of 0.7.4?  Feel free to open a ticket
> on Trac for this.

That should be doable. And backing out igrid in case this problem can't 
be solved in time for 0.7.4 shouldn't be a problem, as there's only a 
little code in ipipe.py that activates igrid.


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