[IPython-dev] igrid

Walter Dörwald walter at livinglogic.de
Sat Mar 24 16:42:11 EDT 2007

Walter Dörwald wrote:

> Fernando Perez wrote:
>> On 3/19/07, Walter Dörwald <walter at livinglogic.de> wrote:
> [...]
>>> One solution might be to only allow one igrid browser. The other would
>>> probably be that all igrid browsers are frames in only one wx 
>>> application.
>> I'll leave that decision up to you.  As long as we ship something that
>> works correctly with wx 2.6 (which is what most distros still have
>> officially), I trust you on the implementation choices.
> The second variant would be the better choice of course.
> Nik is currently preparing for exams, so he doesn't have much time. I'll 
> see what I can do.

r2177 should fix the problem. It works for me with and without -wthread 
with both wx 2.6 and wx 2.8 on Windows.

Can you verify that the problem is indeed fixed?


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