[IPython-dev] ipython1 'saw' status

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 02:02:38 EDT 2007

Hi Doug,

sorry for the delayed reply...

On 3/26/07, Doug Jones <dfj225 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm curious about the current status of the IPython1 'saw' branch. I
> know that it was somewhat recently announced that development was
> moving from the chainsaw to the saw branch and that users should begin
> to move as well.
> I've been trying to follow the list as well as the development of the
> code, and it seems that much progress has been made, but the branch is
> not yet stable. Is this an accurate assessment? What is the expected
> time-line for this branch?

Yes, that is an accurate assessment right now.  This is what the
current schedule, tentative as always and modulated by 'real life',
looks like:

- On Sunday, I plan on spending most of the day trying to flush out
the remaining tickets and items in my inbox related to trunk.  If all
goes well, we should soon have a release candidate for 0.7.4.

- In the meantime, Brian and Min have been working on the saw branch,
without me offering much more than design discussions but no real
code.  But they are making good progress.

- I'll leave it to Brian to announce when he considers saw to be a
semi-stable replacement for chainsaw (which is at least functionally
equivalent) but I imagine the timeline for that to be under 2 weeks.

- Until mid-April I won't do a whole lot in the way of IPython coding
because of a workshop I'm teaching:

<shameless plug>
If anyone is interested, John Hunter and I will be teaching a workshop
on the uses of Python for scientific computing at the Mathematics
department of U. Michigan at Ann Arbor.  More details here:
</shameless plug>

- With that out of the way, I'll shift my focus towards integrating,
as fast as I can, the trunk codebase with the work in the saw branch.
This should put us on the road towards ipython 1.0, will integrate the
capabilities of the full ipython with the distributed engine, etc.
We'll get a boost on that from a sprint held in Boulder (details in a
separate email) on April 28.

In summary, I'd say: mid-april for Brian and Min to stabilize saw a
bit (they'll correct me if I'm wrong), early May for me to move the
trunk codebase in there and join the fun :)



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