[IPython-dev] Applying prefilter reorg to ipython1

Dan Milstein danmil at comcast.net
Mon May 7 17:23:32 EDT 2007


> In fact, if Dan already wrote the code, his patch will probabl apply
> to trunk but not quite to ipython1/core1.  I modified the code quite a
> bit, so it's likely that an as-is patch won't apply anymore.

This has, in fact, turned out to be true.

I *think* I see where my code now fits in (in core1/translator.py,  
essentially), but I have a question:

One of the main things I've got is a suite of tests which fairly  
exhaustively exercise the input transformation process.  Currently,  
they do so by creating an IPython instance, and feeding it various  
things, ala

import IPython
import IPython.ipapi

ip = IPython.ipapi.get()


What is the equivalent in the new world?  Something like:

import core1.interpreter

interp = interpreter.Interpreter()

Or am I even vaguely in the right territory?


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