[IPython-dev] Regression bug in 0.8.x input filtering

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Wed May 23 17:16:07 EDT 2007

Hi again!

On Freitag 18 Mai 2007, Hans Meine wrote:
> This won't come as a surprise AFAICS, but it's a great thing we have a test
> suite now.  Today, I tried to paste the following multi-line statement from
> epydoc's sources into ipython, and got an exception:
> [...]

Now that the "cd /" is solved, I wonder if nobody cares about this regression 
I reported last friday?  (Or did I do sth. wrong by posting it here?  I am 
very short on time and would like to avoid registering with any trackers..)

Ciao, /  /                                                    .o.
     /--/                                                     ..o
    /  / ANS                                                  ooo
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