[IPython-dev] Regression bug in 0.8.x input filtering

Dan Milstein danmil at comcast.net
Wed May 23 17:42:51 EDT 2007

Hmm.  I can, I think without too much pain, force whitespace between  
the possible magic/alias/autocall term and the rest of the line, but  
I am just a bit hesitant, because I think that's sort of new  
behavior.  The old pattern matching was very, very hard to fully  
comprehend, but I don't think that's what it did (at least, not in  
general).  I mean, if this is a regression, clearly it did  
*something* like that, but I'd like to fully understand it before I  
make a serious change like that.

(Or maybe people like Ville's fine, fine idea about getting rid of %r  
as a magic -- IMHO, we're kind of asking for trouble given that  
r'something' is valid python).

Also Hans: can you resend the original email to me?  I can't see to  
find it, for some reason.


On May 23, 2007, at 5:23 PM, Ville M. Vainio wrote:

> On 5/18/07, Hans Meine <hans_meine at gmx.net> wrote:
>>    ...:     r'^\s*((?P<self>\w+)\.)?' +
>>    ...:     # The function name (must match exactly) [XX] not  
>> anymore!
>>    ...:     r'(?P<func>\w+)' +
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>>    File "<ipython console>", line 5
>>      _ip.magic(r"r '(?P<func>\w+)' +")
> Ah, it's the magic %r, "repeat previous input".
> We should demand whitespace between magic / alias and the "rest", or
> alternatively we do a quick fix and just delete the magic "r". Who
> uses it anyway? That's what "up + enter" is for.
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