[IPython-dev] Creating a Mathemtica notebook like GTK Interface for sympy

Philipp Strack philipp.strack at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 12:57:22 EDT 2008


I applied for the Google Summer of Code with the proposal to create a GTK based
GUI for the python based computer algebra system sympy. The GUI should be able
to graphically present formulas and graphs inside the document. This GUI could
be seen as a lightweight replacement for sage notebook. I want to create an
alternative to the sage webbased interface because I think GTK is a superior
technology for creating an interactive interface. A gtk interface will be much
easier to maintain and extend in the long run, because things like
autocompletion, syntaxchecking, etc can be easily implemented with a custom
gtk.TextBuffer and gtk.TextView. This GUI will follow the notebook system of

Because I want to avoid any duplication of work, I wanted to ask:

Whether someone is working on something similar? What are the points to take
care of to make it later work with ipython? 

I am thankful for every feedback on the proposal


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