[IPython-dev] Creating a Mathemtica notebook like GTK Interface for sympy

Laurent Dufrechou laurent.dufrechou at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 17:26:49 EDT 2008

>I am probably going to be better of with the
>ipython0 branch, especially because I want to use gtk/wx. 

Well, the decision (Gael, barry correct me) must be better based on what you
want to do with your ipython:
-ipython0 is currently working as a much greater python shell replacement.
-ipython1 enhance this concept + one shell that can run commands on multiple
pc at the same time.
(for distributed computing).

Ipython0 is now, Ipython1 is the really near future.

If you just want an ipython shell that is working under WX and tune it to
match your needs than choose ipython0 wx shell one.
If you want to create a wx ipython shell that supports ipython1 concept base
your work on Barry cocoa branch + some code of /gui/wx of ipython0.

By the way reinteract is cool! 
I don't know how this guy has done to mix text and pics. I have to check

Do you plan to do a notebook or a multi window dev env?? (a la PIDA/Editra)

If you want to do an ide, you can also do plugins for PIDA (gtk) or Editra
If you want to do a notebook a la reinteract you can interface it with
ipython by just adding two classes of I python0 gui I think. Wx Gui is
written with separated GUI/ipython classes. So a port to GTK can be easy.


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