[IPython-dev] Release plan for 0.9

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 05:34:44 EDT 2008

Hi all,

recently a lot of activity on ipython has been happening in three
branches: one for testing support that I'm working on, one for
notifications by Barry and one for the wx frontend by Gael.  With
Scipy fast approaching and Enthought planning an EPD release next
week, we'd like to cut a release now.  The 'ipython0' functionality
will for now remain mostly unchanged, other than being (partly) tested
for the first time.  Gael's and Barry's work are mostly infrastructure
for moving forward, and we have all the IPython1 code now merged in.

So the question is how to make this merge happen.  Here's the branches we have:

1. Testing support code that lives in


That touches code in quite a few places but in a mostly harmless
manner, and builds tools for testing that are as of yet a bit
developer-only.  I'll put the user-sugar on top later.

I've made the branch proposed for merging, which shows exactly what
revisions haven't been merged yet.  Unless anyone sees a problem, I'll
merge this tomorrow.

2. Gael's work hasn't been merged at all yet.  I marked it for merging:


3. Barry's notification branch has been merged.

4. Vivian's editor branch:


I'm sorry that I haven't been following this one in detail.  Vivian
and Ville had been working on it together, is it basically ready for
merge?  If so, marking it 'proposed for merge' will let us easily
review it and see what changesets are different from trunk (I just did
that).  Ville had some comments on it, have they been addressed by the
latest changesets?

5. Ville's pyreadline branch:


This branch shows no code yet.  Ville, what's your plan on this one?

6. Robert Kern's contexts branch:


Robert, what's your plan on this one?  Keep it as branch for now, or
push it into this release?

7. Min's daemon branch:


Min, what's your take on this?  Do you want it merged in, or should we
postpone this to work on it at scipy?  This is extremely important
functionality, but I don't know if it's solid enough for merge yet. I
marked it for merging so we can see the differences more easily.

# end branches

Whew.  That's actually a lot...

Does anyone else have anything in the pipeline that they want in for a
release?  Keep in mind that this will be very much a 'tech preview'
release, whose purpose is the large codebase integration of
ipython0/1.  I'm sure we'll see some rough spots, and I hope at Scipy
we'll have a chance to work together on smoothing them.  So I expect
to be putting out a 0.10 fairly close after this.

Which means that if a particular feature you have in mind or in a
branch isn't quite ready, no worries.  0.10 should be not too far

So with this, it would be nice if we could cut an RC for 0.9 on Monday.

I'll be likely merging the testing stuff tomorrow, and after that the
two big ones seem to be Gael's and Min's.  Thoughts?


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