[IPython-dev] Release plan for 0.9

Vivian De Smedt vivian at vdesmedt.com
Tue Aug 12 03:23:03 EDT 2008

> Mmh, I was getting ready to merge and push, but then I went and looked
> at the code, and I see the whole thing is written in camelCase():
> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Evivian-vdesmedt/ipython/synchronize-editor/annotate/1007?file_id=ipy_synchronize_with-20080612032938-lxufpyi2plzu3mlc-1
> Why is that the case?  For all new code, we are really trying to stick
> to proper PEP-8 within reason, and I don't want to violate that unless
> there's a good motive for it.
> I also don't see any docstrings in any of the functions at all.
> Vivian, I realize that this may be a bit painful, but as you can see,
> we're now making an honest effort at building a much higher quality
> codebase for IPython, so that all code that goes in is reviewed,
> documented and tested.  And we are all living by the same rules (see
> recent reviews on other branches, and all the work that has gone into
> having testing machinery for ipython itself).
> With bzr and launchpad, it's relatively easy for you to track the
> trunk (simply keep merging from trunk into your working branch and
> pushing back upstream frequently), so that your branch stays up to
> date, as you improve it.  But I really think that we can't merge this
> code in until it's properly documented and it matches the naming
> conventions of the rest of the project.
> I realize it's a bit frustrating at this point, but hopefully it's
> clear to you that these rules are there to ensure that as the whole
> project grows in a very healthy fashion.  We're getting more new code
> coming in than any one of us can handle individually, and the only way
> we won't crumble under the weight is to enforce that all this new code
> is compliant with the rest of the project, documented and
> automatically tested.
> Regards,
> f
> ps - I've added the above as a branch review comment on launchpad as well.
No problem I will adapt the code of the synchronize-editor branch as 
soon as possible.
I'll be glad if you could send me the bzr command I should use to merge 
the trunk cod in the synchronize-editor branch.


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