[IPython-dev] 0.9 beta, anything left?

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 17:29:19 EDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 1:02 PM, Laurent Dufrechou
<laurent.dufrechou at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Gael
>> You have to keep in mind that it will be installed in a location where
>> the user might not be able to write. You do have a file in the user
>> home
>> directory, right?
>> You need to add this file to the package data, in the setup.py, for it
>> to
>> be installed. In ipython this is in setupbase.py, function
>> find_package_data.
> You mean installed in user directory or Ipython/gui/wx?
> For the moment as I've got little time to work on it, I prefer to let it as
> is in wx directory, it just permits wxIpython to run and user (under linux)
> will not be able to save it's settings.
> Will try to find a workaround for the user directory as you said. Do you
> have an idea how user directory is defined under windows?
> Under linux it's ~/ but under windows I do not have any idea yet how to find
> it ... :)

The ipython directory is where you should be storing things:

In [6]: from IPython.ipapi import get

In [7]: ip = get()

In [8]: ip.IP.rc.ipythondir
Out[8]: '/home/fperez/.ipython'

This will be correctly computed under windows, users can set it via a
variable, etc.  All ipython code should access that guy instead of
computing it directly.  If you need to get the user's home dir, use

In [9]: from IPython import  genutils

In [10]: genutils.get_home_dir
-------> genutils.get_home_dir()
Out[10]: '/home/fperez'

It also tries to do the right thing under Win32.

As for your code: please follow the pattern we've been using lately:
have a synced branch that we can review on launchpad, keep it synced
to trunk, and mark it for merging with the trunk.  See for example how
Vivian is doing it:


This way I or others can quickly review your changes, and if they are
OK, the merge process is quick and easy.  For example, right now I can
go to vivian's review section:


and see exactly what's there that is unique to this branch.  We've
gone back and forth a few times, and she keeps improving the state of
the code, until we can merge it into the trunk.

Let us know if you have any questions on this, or see my recent email
to Vivian with the details and commands you need to type to make this
work.  Once you have it running, it's very easy to use.



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