[IPython-dev] Future of wxIpython

Laurent Dufrechou laurent.dufrechou at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 15:21:53 EDT 2008

Hi guys,

I've started to quick review code in frontend.
I must admit I don't know where to go in fact. Gael has implemented a
wx widget that looks like what I've done with other let say
technological choices.
My code in /gui/wx is duplicate to this code (IpythonX.py). Where do
you want to go with this code?
Do you want me, to let it there in /gui or move it to /frontend/???

Seems for me that code base for frontend is in the root of frontend.
Barry has an asynchroneous cocoa frontend in ./frontend/cocoa, gael a
synchroneous in /frontend/wx.
Must I add subdirectory, ./frontend/example/ ./frontend/wx2 ./frontend/wxaui ?_?
If possible I would like not to trash my code :), and make it evolve
with frontend new features.
So what are my options?


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