[IPython-dev] Documenting the recent editor sync extension

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 15:28:16 EDT 2008

Hi Vivian,

I was today trying to help someone use your new editor sync tool:


and I realized that in the review process, I forgot to ask you for any
kind of top-level documentation and examples.  Could you please add a
top-level docstring describing the intended purpose of the tool, its
main use cases, and a simple example of how to use it?  There should
be also a short paragraph about it in the
docs/source/interactive/extension_api.txt file, so that users who read
the manual can find out about it.

We really need to move to ensuring that *all* new code can be used by
new users by:

- finding its capabilities in the documentation with a high-level view
- finding a module-level docstring that explains the purpose of the tool
- having good function/class-level docstrings that explain the
specific use of each call.

Otherwise we'll be forever answering these questions on the mailing list.



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