[IPython-dev] Launchpad?

Ville M. Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 06:01:21 EST 2008

On Feb 9, 2008 1:52 AM, Glenn Tarbox, PhD <glenn at tarbox.org> wrote:

> You already have a nice Trac site... I realize shedding the admin load would
> be nice... but I'm guessing that with a hosted service that there's work...
> and I'm also guessing that it works less well...  always does.  I cringe
> when I need to go to sourceforge... launchpad / canonical are beginning to
> show similar signs of commercial nastiness (closed source internal projects
> etc).

The deal is that it's not uncommon that our svn is not working, due to
server problems. And trac gets slow/broken sometimes. If we can have
what we have now (plus a DVCS) on a well-maintained server, it's a net
win. And if/when Git becomes the giant of DVCS's at some point, it's
not the end of the world; we'll just import our bzr repo to git. We
are not some clumsy megacorporation that can't make such a switch
because of inertia.

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