[IPython-dev] Brand new refactored version for linux users!

Laurent Dufrechou laurent.dufrechou at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 16:55:04 EST 2008

Hello there,

Here is finally a new version with a completely refactored display widget.

I've switched to scintilla because of the difference in behavior between
windows and linux.

The benefit is that now history widget got syntax highlighting J


You can change background color with line 37 in wxIPython.py.(if you prefer
white, also if you've got a better color layout proposal for white I'm ok !)


So linux user.. is this ok now??? (I've treid under ubuntu so should be ok!)

Solved performances bugs discovered by Prabhu and a bug in the pager too
thanks to Stefan.

Supports also 'exit()' and '?'

For pyreadline, well no update on this side, I still don't see where
pyreadline could integrate with scintilla there.


On the other side I've discovered pida, they've got a cool console widget
where if you try to launch ipython you've good a beautifull ipython widget !

The main difference is that the thread approach I use permits IPython/GUi
interaction while pida process approach can't interact (or it's more
difficult) with the GUI.


How and last news , as I use scintilla now, and that Ipython thread class is
GUI independent, I can port it to pyQT ;)

More news next month (got lot of work in my job right now!)






I've commited all of this under ipython/trunk/ipython/gui.  Don't know if
it's ok as it the first time I do this. J


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