[IPython-dev] IPython development news and prospects

Barry Wark barrywark at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 16:29:16 EST 2008

On Jan 13, 2008 3:37 PM, Darren Dale <darren.dale at cornell.edu> wrote:
> > This is still just one project, that will have multiple components but
> > all of which work in concert to provide various levels of
> > functionality (a terminal-based shell, a gui-based shell, a
> > javascript-based one, a remote shell, a parallel computing system, an
> > ide-like system for scientific work, etc).
> Personally, I'd like to see a qt4 version of the gui as well. I would be
> willing to work on it, but before I do we would need to discuss the license
> issue. Specifically, would it need to be distributed as a separate package,
> or a namespace package? Would ipython entertain such a possibility? I'm not
> an advocate for setuptools, but I do use PyQt4 heavily for my own work and
> would like to find a way to work with it while keeping all parties happy
> concerning license. I guess this discussion should occur in another thread.

Since we're quite heavily invested in both OS X and IPython in my
group, I'm willing to put time into an OS X front-end. We're working
on better OS X integration with matplotlib, so there's a natural
synergy to both efforts. Since Twisted is already well integrated with
all of the GUI toolkits that I've heard tossed about (WX, Qt, OS X,
gtk), is there still a thought towards making the ipython1 engine a
true ipython instance (rather than a pure python interpreter)? If so,
GUI integration gets much easier...


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