[IPython-dev] IPython development news and prospects

Barry Wark barrywark at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 13:19:10 EST 2008

On Jan 14, 2008 1:40 PM, Boyd Waters <bwaters at nrao.edu> wrote:
> On Jan 14, 2008, at 2:29 PM, Barry Wark wrote:
> > Since we're quite heavily invested in both OS X and IPython in my
> > group, I'm willing to put time into an OS X front-end. We're working
> > on better OS X integration with matplotlib, so there's a natural
> > synergy to both efforts. Since Twisted is already well integrated with
> > all of the GUI toolkits that I've heard tossed about (WX, Qt, OS X,
> > gtk), is there still a thought towards making the ipython1 engine a
> > true ipython instance (rather than a pure python interpreter)? If so,
> > GUI integration gets much easier...
> Ya-hoo!
> I could help with that, too!
> We are heavy into Matplotlib, Qt4, Mac OS X, ipython, and ipython1 for
> our data analysis app.
> I'd love to push against a Twisted driver for Qt 4.4 and/or PyObjC2...

My understanding is that Twisted's NSRunLoop integration works fine
with PyObjC2. I've done a bit of work with PyObjC apps that use
Twisted and I'd push for this approach as well.

On the plotting end, we've started working on a quartz backend for
matplotlib and have been investigating enthought.chaco2 (and kiva)
quartz backends as well (rkern has already done much of the heavy
lifting on that end).  Getting one of these integrated into
Cocoa/Twisted would be a really huge win for us. Let me know if you'd
like to collaborate a bit. Qwt looks great, but until Qt is ported to
Cocoa, it's a non-starter for us. We use Cocoa for much of our UI and
Apple officially frowns on incorporating Carbon (like Qt/Qwt) views
into Cocoa apps :(


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