[IPython-dev] IPython and Leo

Edward Ream edreamleo at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 12:29:44 EST 2008

Hello All,

I have been following the IPython
project with interest for several years.  It's an admirable project
for at least the following reasons:

- It provides a simple, yet powerful
user interface.

- It handles complex implementation
difficulties smoothly behind the scenes.

- It has many interesting and important

- It interfaces well with several major

- It has an excellent installation

Several years ago, while discussing the
IPython summer of code proposal, I made a wildly inaccurate
statement, namely that Leo might already be an IPython notebook. 
This statement caused consternation;  I apologize again for the upset
I caused.

Recently I discovered, at long last,
why Leo is *not* a prototype for an IPython notebook.  Unless I am
again mistaken, I would characterize the IPython notebook project as
an attempt (roughly speaking) to do an Open Source version of
Mathematica.  There would be an outline component, a math engine, and
a renderer capable of drawing equations and the results of those

Is this characterization of the IPython
notebook project even vaguely correct?  If so, it seems to me that
Leo and the IPython notebook projects are on roughly parallel tracks.
 Yes, there are substantial differences between the two projects, but
there may well be ways that the two projects could benefit each

Enough for now.  I hope we can begin a
friendly and mutually beneficial exchange between our two projects.


Edward K. Ream   email:  edreamleo at yahoo.com
Leo: http://webpages.charter.net/edreamleo/front.html

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