[IPython-dev] IPython and Leo

Edward Ream edreamleo at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 10:54:01 EST 2008

What would really make my day is the ability to do this:

[~]|29> s = "some sring"
[~]|30> %leo s

and then you would have the 's' as node in leo, and editing the string
(or perhaps some other variable type, e.g. pretty printed array) would
update the IPython variable s as well!
[end quote]

A most interesting idea.  There are similar kinds of interactions possible
 now between Leo and Vim or Emacs, so such a scheme might be possible
with not too much work.  See the vim.py and xemacs.py plugins.

This scheme happily keeps the separation between Leo and IPython.  That is,
there would be no need to emulate IPython's powerful features in Leo.

As far as "%leo s" goes, s could be stored in a temp file, and then
Leo could be opened with a new command line option,
say --s <tempfilename>. Such a command-line option could easily
be added. 

> Too bad I was unable to install Leo now that I tried - the .exe
installer complained that I did not have python installed (which is of
course untrue, the standard distutils .exe installer worked ok...)

The .exe installer is a minor convenience, or inconvenience in your case.
To install Leo, just download and unpack leo-4.4.6-b2.zip from
You can put the Leo folder anywhere convenient.

Then add the folder to your sys.path.  HTH.


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